Why do I see surveys?

We offer an additional bonus to all affiliates that include a survey with their links. By showing the survey you receive a commission bonus in additional to the regular earnings you receive for every visitor.

Why should I enable surveys on my links?
As a link author, the survey feature will add a 20% bonus to every paste that has surveys enabled. With this feature enabled, your maximum RPM will increase from $5 to $6. The earning bonus will apply to every visitor that arrives on a link that has surveys enabled. That visitor's rate will be given the multiplier bonus and you will earn more per thousand visitors.

Can I disable surveys?
Yes, surveys can be disabled. This feature can be enabled/disabled upon creation on a per-link basis. If you wish, you can turn off all surveys by default via Account Settings. In the forthcoming weeks it will be possible to enable/disable on-demand via your history page.

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