Why was my campaign rejected?

Every campaign is subject to review by our approval team. At anytime, your campaign may be rejected if it is not compliant with our terms of service or if it violates any of the following rules:

  • No content that performs or encourages illegal activity.
  • No frame breaking, popups, or automatic downloads of any kind.
  • No adult content, violence, hate speech, or profanity.
  • No content linking to warez, hacking, or pirated works.
  • No pastes or links from Binbox.io or it's competitors.

When ready, create your first campaign by visiting the advertisers section of your dashboard. Enter the Site URL for the advertisement you wish to display, and give your campaign a memorable title for tracking later on. You may then configure when your campaign should run by choosing a start and end date. The "Devices" checkboxes let you specifically target your audience by what hardware they are using, whether mobile (ie. iOS and Android) or desktop. Please note that "All Mobile" includes iOS and Android despite being separate options.

You may re-submit your URL or provide a new URL after which will be reviewed again for approval. If approved any bids you have placed will be activated immediately. If rejected, any funds in your advertising balance that you wish to have refunded, you may contact our support desk for more information.

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