Why do secure campaigns receive more traffic?

Campaigns that are able to be served over Transport Layer Security (TLS/SSL) are able to be served to a wider range of traffic than HTTP alone. If your campaign does not use HTTPS, your bid may be skipped for any client trying to use a secure connection. If your campaign uses HTTPS, your bid can be served to both secure and non-secure connections.

Not all campaigns are able to be served over TSL/SSL. If you do not control your webhost or your campaign requires non-secure elements such as images, external scripts, etc, then you must opt out of secure traffic.

Please note that Binbox is not responsible for advertisements that are poorly targeted. Many web browsers will refuse to serve a secure page with non-secure elements, and your advertisement could be rejected if it was not designed to be displayed securely. No refunds will be granted under any circumstances for mistargeted traffic. Advertisers are responsible to ensure their campaign is fully compatible with the bids and targets chosen.

If you wish to know the status of TLS/SSL on your campaign, you may analyze your URL here:

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